Poker Tours

Poker tournaments are very popular among players. Meanwhile, not only Esports tournaments lead in online broadcast charts of 22Bet.

The conditions and structure of poker tournaments are approved by the organizers, but there are some basic principles: 

  • A player who has lost his chips leaves the tournament; 
  • When leaving the tournament, the player takes a certain place in it; 
  • The fact of receiving a win and its amount are determined by the place the player has taken in the poker tournament. 

In addition, tournament play can be divided into online poker tournaments and offline tournaments, the largest of which are held within the framework of special game series.


Poker Tours

In the famous Spanish city, a poker tournament starts in the summer. It will take place from August 21 to September 3, 2023. To participate, you must be of legal age.


Players are invited to an island with a rich historical and cultural heritage. The poker tournament will be held this fall from October 11 to 22, 2023. The license holder and operator of this event is Merit Royal Casino.


Already this winter, from December 6 to 17, 2023, a poker tournament will be held in Prague. To participate, you will need to present a passport or other identification. This event is licensed and run by King’s Casino Prague and sponsored by PokerStars Live.


Poker Tours

All variants of the poker game offer such winning combinations as: 

  • Royal Flush – a combination consists of five cards of the same suit. The cards must lie in order and start with 10s. 
  • Straight Flush – a combination consists of five cards of the same suit. If the participants have an equal combination, the prize is awarded to the player holding the highest cards. 
  • Four of a kind – a combination consists of four cards of the same suit (for example, four aces). 
  • Flush – the presence of five cards of the same suit in the hand. In case the flash was collected by several participants of the game, the combination with the highest card in the flush wins. 
  • Straight – the player has five cards in sequence, not taking into account the suit. 
  • Three of a kind – the presence of three cards of the same value. 
  • Two pair – having two pairs of cards with the same value. If Two Pairs are found in the case of more than 2 players, the winning combination is the one that contains the highest cards. 

A pair – is the presence of two cards of the same value. If a pair is found on more than one hand, the winning combination is the one that contains the highest cards.

How to win a poker tournament?

To win in a poker tournament, a player must know the rules of the game perfectly and play well. 

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