Poker Variants

Around 90% of online leg poker today is played in No Limit Texas Hold’em. However, this was not always the most popular variant. Before poker was available online, players were most familiar with 5 card draw poker.

Texas Hold’em No Limit

Texas Hold’em is mainly played in the no-limit variant. Any player can go all-in at any time. A deck of 52 cards is used. Each player is dealt two cards face down and up to 5 community cards are dealt face up: flop (3) cards, turn (1) and river (1). A round of betting takes place before the flop and after each community card is dealt.

Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo

In Omaha, up to 5 community cards are dealt on the table, but each player is dealt four cards face down. Unlike Texas Hold’em, you must make your hand from exactly 3 community cards and 2 of your own cards. This makes the game more complex and less predictable.

In Omaha Hi-Lo, the highest hand wins half the pot and the lowest hand wins the other half.

5 card draw poker

5 Card Draw Poker was the most common variant in German-speaking countries in the 1990s. There are no community cards. Instead, each player receives 5 cards.

Then, after and during the betting rounds, cards can be swapped out if desired to try to build a good hand. Today, however, 5 card draw as a poker variant is almost extinct.

Caribbean stud poker

Caribbean stud poker

This variant is a casino poker game in which you play directly against the dealer. You are dealt 5 cards and the dealer shows you one card. Then you can decide if you want to bet.

The dealer, on the other hand, only plays if he has at least Ace-King. For all cards above AK (eg a pair) the bet stands and the better hand wins. On the internet you can play Caribbean Stud Poker in live casinos.

Strategy: Winning at Poker?

There is a lot of literature on poker strategy. We cannot offer great wisdom here. Nevertheless, we can give a few tips.

Sharks and fish

A popular distinction is the division of the table into sharks and fish. This refers to good players on one side eating up the weaker participants in the round on the other.

Accordingly, you should identify the player at the table who is most likely a fish, and then wait for the chance to gut him like a Christmas goose.

Statistics software

Some players install software to track their opponents’ gameplay. For example, you can see statistics on how often a player folds.

However , most experts do not consider such figures to be really necessary . They even have a reputation for being too distracting from the actual game.



If you never want to bluff, you shouldn’t play poker. Because if you only play very strong hands, then you are easy for your opponent to assess.

However, one should not overdo it with bluffing. Bluffing is not a recipe for success in poker.

Bankroll Strategy

Basically, you can try to play higher and higher stakes over time. However, these increases are not a given when playing online poker for real money.

If you can’t consistently win at low blinds, don’t move to higher stakes.

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