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Sports betting Tippmix are almost fused concepts. The first sports betting experience of the 30s and 40s generations is almost exclusively linked to these profiles. Many of the even older ones still fill out toto slips or start the day by reading sports betting toto tips.

Sports betting of the “lottery” type is still very popular. The reason for this is that the older generations, who are more difficult to learn new things, are used to this paper-based system, in which the new Tippmix deck comes out on Mondays and Thursdays.

The Tippmix bet is today

The Tippmix bet is today

Tippmix also supports this type of lottery game. On the site, you can complete almost every betting step in advance: the betting event and outcome, as well as the selection of the betting type.

You can’t do one thing here, make a payment and thereby validate the bet. Accordingly, on Tippmix, you can list nearby lotteries and post offices that can process coupons. You have two options with the auxiliary coupon filled out online: 1. you print it and take it to the nearest post office/lottery, then validate it at the terminal 2. Tippmix generates a 5-6 digit coupon identification number, which you can validate online, but you can pay for it in the same way at a lottery should, preferably within 1-2 hours.

Complete and fully legal online sports betting is available in Hungary on the TippmixPro website.

Tipmix betting offer

Tipmix betting offer

Of course, the sports betting Tippmix has also developed a lot since its launch in 1997. The Monday and Thursday betting cards contain up to 560 events in 19 sports. Web and SMS-based betting has been available since 2006.

You can still only bet on sports events on Tippmix, but the number of possible markets can now exceed 100! It is no longer only HDV (1X2) outputs that can be done on one profile (but max. 10 types of market). There can be no more than 10 events on a pre-match ticket and 4 on a live ticket. It is now possible to place a system or combination bet on Tippmix! Since 2015, you can place live bets on the site.

In accordance with the requirements of the times, Tippmix can now also provide animated live score tracking. In the summer of 2021, virtual sports also joined the offer.

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