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In tennis, events of smaller or larger significance often follow each other, a competitor can enter the field several times in a week! Tennis betting online also revolves around big tournaments, especially Grand Slam bets. Below, we would like to present the most famous events of the tennis world in a few sentences.

Australian Open

The Australian Open, held for the first time in 1905, marks the grand opening of the tennis season! As it is summer in the southern hemisphere, the AP is held in Melbourne in January each year. Men’s and women’s, individual and doubles competitions are also organized. The surface of the tennis courts is hard. Betting on the Australian Open can be found at every serious tennis book.

French Open

French Open

The biggest tennis nation on the European continent is France. The French Open or Roland-Garros opens its doors every year in May. The two-week men’s and women’s championships take place on clay courts, so the French Open can challenge even the big names that dominate other tournaments!


The English Wimbledon tennis championship is synonymous with professional tennis, the fourth Grand Slam tournament. Betting on Wimbledon is the most popular among visitors to online bookmakers! Wimbledon bets are more difficult due to the grass nature of the courts. Men’s Wimbledon betting is possible every year in June-July. Wimbledon bets often come with special freebet offers!

US Open

US Open

The US Open is the last Grand Slam tournament of the year, which is held in New York at the Arthur Ashe Stadium every September. Since 1978, bets on the US Open have been placed on hard-court matches. It differs from other Grand Slam tournaments in that it does not take two games to win the final set.

Always look for the best tennis odds at the bookmakers!

The current best odds for tennis is always a tricky question. You can’t skimp on doing your homework here. If you are still a beginner in tennis betting, first find the market for the event you would like to bet on. Afterwards, you can directly compare, for example, the offers of the above featured bets and the margins established for them.

Fortunately, there are several margin calculators available on the web so that you can always know how much the house will deduct from your winning bet and how much your exact winnings will be in case of success.

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