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If you are looking for the best tennis odds, we have prepared for you in advance a short list of the best and reliable tennis betting bookmakers! Whenever you think of a good tip, you can be sure that you will find the right betting option in one of the bookmakers below!

#1 New Tennis Betting Site – Bet365

bet365 is a reliable online bookmaker with a history of more than 20 years. Although they do not offer the best odds and the most favorable margins in terms of tennis betting, the tournaments that can be bet on, the detailed betting markets and the largest number of live streams make this platform at the forefront here as well!

#2 new tennis betting site – Unibet


Unibet is one of the few bookmakers that goes head-to-head with bet365 when it comes to tennis betting! In terms of odds and margins, theirs is definitely the best offer! However, the number of live broadcasts falls short of its first place. At the same time, we found the live betting interface a bit better here, and they also lead you to great information pages for building your own strategy!

#3 New Tennis Betting Site – Bwin

Bwin welcomes its new and returning users with unique betting options in more than 15 languages, including Hungarian! The Austrian side’s odds are among the better offers on the market, but the tennis payouts are still behind the first two offers in percentage terms. On the plus side, novice sports bettors can also access a lot of useful information by browsing the site! What made it fall even further behind was the lack of video transmission.

#4 new tennis betting site – 22Bet

Despite its relatively new nature, 22Bet has become one of the most important players in online sports betting. Long-term and system bets are also available here. The average tennis margins are slightly higher than the market-leading offers, but in return, you can browse through a very efficient and excellently transparent interface to find the tips you like.

#5 New Tennis Betting Site – LVBET


LVBet fell behind because the average tennis margins of 7.2% already fall squarely into the high category. True, this is somewhat offset by the favorable odds. In terms of the tournaments and matches that can be bet on, and their markets, this bookmaker brings the must-haves. However, LVBet is very strong in virtual and e-sports. If you want a cinema-like live streaming experience, you can find it here in virtual tennis betting.

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